Harvest is down, I can't tell why
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Harvest is down, I can't tell why


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister


Users can log in and see packages, but it just hangs if they try to do anything else.


Release : All Versions

Component : CA Harvest Software Change Manager


We increased the HServer logging level to 5 and reproduced the problem. HServer log files were showing that a UDP process was crashing, most likely causing the problem. We identified which UDP process it was and further analysis revealed that a recent Microsoft patch was interfering with the UDP script. Rolling back the Microsoft patch resolved the problem.

Additional Information

HServer logging level can be increased using either of these methods:

First method

  1. Edit the HServer.arg file on the broker machine and add the following line -logging=5
  2. Save and close the file
  3. Restart the SCM Broker

Second method

Use the hdbgctrl command to temporarily increase the HServer logging level without the need to restart the broker.  Information on this command can be found in the SCM documentation here: hdbgctrl Command-Debug Control