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No data or no current data in Performance Management from VNA Viptela plugin


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Added Viptela to our Virtual Network Assurance (VNA) environment and we are not getting any data from the vManage.

No data from Viptela tunnels or interfaces but Inventory is correct.

No data in Performance Management reports from Viptela items.

This problem has also been seen where data is present but it is behind and not current. For example with the VNA Viptela plugin configured for the EST Timezone and the Cisco Viptela configured for UTC all data in reports is 5 hours behind current time. The same time difference between EST and UTC.


All supported Performance Management and Virtual Network Assurance Viptela plugin releases


Two possible causes may be present.

When no data is seen at all, it's often the case that the Cisco Viptela vManage and API time zones are set different than the VNA Viptela plugin timezone configuration.

When data is seen but is not current, we've seen the Cisco Viptela vManage and API time zones set different which causes the data delay.

This would be seen overall for any configuration where the VNA Viptela plugin, Cisco Viptela vManage and API time zones are not configured the same.


nsure that the Viptela plugin variable TIMEZONE is configured with the same Time Zone set in the Viptela vManage instance being monitored.

Ensure the Cisco Viptela vManage Web UI time zone is configured the same as the API backends.

The documentation defines the TIMEZONE variable, along with a Warning about symptoms that may be seen if not set properly, as:

TIMEZONE: The time zone of the system, which must match the vManage time zone.
Warning: If this parameter is set incorrectly, the following issues might occur:

    • Incorrect timestamps might appear on performance data. This leads to data being seen as behind or not current.
    • Performance data might be missing entirely.
    • Alarms and events might not be collected.

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