MUX - Personalize the Project Banner Color
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MUX - Personalize the Project Banner Color


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Clarity PPM On Premise


In MUX, we're looking to set up Banner Color for a Project - how an we change it. Also the current colors does not seem to related to Project Status? Can this be set up? 


Release : All supported Clarity releases


  • The banner color is random pick from a set of colors which have been set up by design. They cannot be automatically assigned.
  • The color of the banner can be changed manually per project in the Details tab.
  • The project manager may set it to whatever color they wish or use the color to show Status or any other metrics they would like to use it for.
  • Again, each project Banner Color must be set separately in Project Details in New UX.

Additional Information

For more information check: Personalize the Banner Color for a Project