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Control Compliance Suite 12.5.1 Console taking 45 minutes to launch or not starting at all


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Control Compliance Suite Standards Server Control Compliance Suite


When starting the CCS 12.5.1 Console (or Web Console), the initial splash screen will appear but then the actual console does not load for 35-45 minutes later, or will not launch at all.

For users already connected to the CCS Console running data collection jobs, or jobs related to adhoc queries will start failing and an error related to licensing is reported. This happens because the CCS Application Server becomes unresponsive.  


Release : Control Compliance Suite 12.5.1

Component :  CCS Console, CCS Application Server


There is a problem in CCS 12.5.1 that will make the console take a long time to launch, or it can make the Application Server unresponsive.


HF 10130 has been released, please find the fix attached "".

Download and apply the fix, just follow the instructions in the "ReadMe_HF_10130_CCS_12.5.1.pdf" located inside of the zip file.

Additional Information

NOTE: This fix is only for 12.5.1 environments that have not had HF 10106 or HF 10112 applied.  For those 12.5.1 environments that already have those two hotfixes applied, just leave them with those HF applied and they will be updated when CCS is upgraded to 12.5.2 (they will still work fine and not have any problems running).  Please discard Hot Fixes 10106 and 10112 as they are no longer needed and should not be used going forward, and HF 10130 should be used instead.

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