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DUAS: How to update multiple uproc email addresses


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


Is there a way to modify email addresses in multiple uprocs in one step or is there a better than the uxupd upr to update addresses ?


Release : 6.10



Unfortunately, there is currently no easy way to modify email addresses in multiple uprocs all at once.
However, one of these methods may be useful:

1) Using the "uxupd" command to update all uprocs that start with a specific letter, with the new email addresses.
Here is an example for updating all uprocs that begin with the letter 'A'
 -- uxupd upr upr=A* NOTIFY RECIPIENT = [email protected], [email protected]

2) Export the uprocs to an XML file using the uniexp tool and do a search/replace in the file before re-importing.

3) Use a mailing list in the uproc, that way only the list on your email server needs to be updated and not in each uproc.


Another way to mass update uprocs to enable the email notification other than the command uxupd upr is to use Dollar Universe WebServices but it will require more additional implementation.

Dollar Universe Web Services