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AWA: Central Agent Upgrade on Unix not updating ServiceManager "deployment.txt not found"


Article ID: 190501


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


While performing the Central Agent Upgrade (CAU) on Unix Agents, the Agent gets upgraded succesfully but the associated Service manager upgrade does not work.

It looks like the service manager is looking for a file named deployment.txt in its own bin directory, but that is not the correct location, the file exists only in the agent's bin directory.

In the service manager log, we find the following kind of error:

U00022004 Starting process 'sv248564_LUX_DEV' ...
U00022005 ... with command line  '/opt/uc4/LUX_DEV/executor/current/bin/ucxjlx6'.
U00022006 ... and start directory  '/opt/uc4/smgr/current/bin/'.
U00022007 Process 'sv248564_LUX_DEV' (ID '6423') successfully started.
U00022051 Error: Upgrade description file '/opt/uc4/smgr/current/bin/deployment.txt' not found, upgrade process has not started.


Release : 12.1.x and superior
Subcomponent: Agent for Unix


Wrong working directory "start directory" for the Unix Agent defined in the uc4.smd as seen below:

DEFINE sv248564_LUX_DEV;/opt/uc4/LUX_DEV/executor/current/bin/ucxjlx6;/opt/uc4/smgr/current/bin/


Review the service manager smd file (by default uc4.smd) and set the working directory to the agent's bin folder (where the agent binary is found) as on the following example:

DEFINE sv248564_LUX_DEV;/opt/uc4/LUX_DEV/executor/current/bin/ucxjlx6;/opt/uc4/smgr/current/bin/

Change it to:
DEFINE sv248564_LUX_DEV;/opt/uc4/LUX_DEV/executor/current/bin/ucxjlx6;/opt/uc4/LUX_DEV/executor/current/bin

Restart the Service Manager and after that, the CAU will upgrade both the Agent and Service Manager as expected.