Datacom MUF PROCEDURE startup parameter
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Datacom MUF PROCEDURE startup parameter


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The Datacom/DB manual says this about the PROCEDURE parameter:

(Optional) If an SQL CALL PROCEDURE statement is to be issued, this MUF startup option is required..
Do not specify this option if a PROCEDURE is not issued.

A Datacom Multi-User (MUF) outage is coming soon, but SQL procedures may be delayed (for months).
Can this PROCEDURE card be added to the next MUF startup job,which will save another outage?


Release : 15.1

Component : CA DATACOM/DB


The answer is yes.
Some specific MUF startup code is executed for this PROCEDURE card. Memory is used for this and the LE subtasks.
If no SQL Procedures are being used then memory has been allocated for nothing.
Other than that it does not cause any issue.