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Reporting on Custom Data in the Roadmap Item Object


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Clarity PPM SaaS


I have created a custom attribute and static lookup in Roadmap Items. In the New UX I am able to update the custom field and use the information as a Swimlane in the Roadmap. But when I go to Advanced Reporting and use the Roadmap Timeline Report I am not able to select my custom attribute in the report Swimlane parameter. Is there something I need to do in order to make this available? The attribute is created on the Roadmap Item object and it is enabled to be in the Data Warehouse.




- The custom attribute data on the Roadmap Item object gets stored in a table called odf_ca_rdm_roadmap_item.
- This data is immediately available for reporting purposes in the Clarity database schema after getting created in the table.
- The custom data can not be access from the Parameter Lookup Values of the Roadmap Timeline Report
- The best way to retrieve the custom Roadmap data is build a Custom Domain and Ad Hoc View of the data and tables.

The data is stored in a table called odf_ca_rdm_roadmap_item on the Clarity PPM Schema: