CA View - Seeking upgrade advice going from R11.6 to R14.0
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CA View - Seeking upgrade advice going from R11.6 to R14.0


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Deliver View


The client will be upgrading CA View/Deliver from r11.6, and they want to know of the upgrade procedure.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


You cannot go from View/Deliver 11.6 straight to 14.0.
The highest level of View/Deliver you can upgrade to, from 11.6, would be 12.2.

Part of the upgrade process is to run a SARDBASE VERSION nn.n on the databases, to alter them in place, to the newer version.

The data stays the same, and it is only the View index that is altered.

The documentation that should be referred to is the View 12.2 Installation Guide and the Deliver 12.2 Installation Guide, for steps of an upgrade.

On the whole, the upgrade process is no different than what would be done in upgrading other mainframe software products. You implement new procs, new code, new user exits, etc.

The only thing specific here is that you run the VERSION on the database.

As View 11.6 was out-of-support when z/OS 2.2 was released, it was not tested for compatibility.