VNA Start / Stop Procedure
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VNA Start / Stop Procedure


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We need to gracefully start and stop all VNA services for automatic patching.

We need to know the steps we need to take to safely shut down all VNA services on our server, and following a reboot, start them again in the proper order if applicable.

Also, we need to verify that VNA is set to automatically start on reboot if supported.


Virtual Network Assurance VNA 21.2.x


Monthly patching cycles 


To stop wildfly you can do the following:

  • service wildfly stop / systemctl stop wildfly
You could also start mysql as well:

  • service mysql stop
mysql is pretty resilient to reboots, but it is of course safer to shut it down

These should both start on reboot without intervention.  If for whatever reason they do not, you should start mysql first, then wildfly

  • service mysql stop
  • service wildfly start / systemctl start wildfly