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Attribute decimal number value not validated in New UX


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SUMMARY: Attribute decimal number value not validated in New UX.


1. Add a new attribute on the Project object.

2. For the new attribute, select Data Type Number.

3. Configure "Decimal Places" to 2. 

4. Enable the attribute for the new UX by filling in its API Attribute ID.

5. Add the attribute to the Edit View of the Project.

6. Edit the value for the new attribute on some Project instance on the classic UX.

7. On both, the Project List view, or Project Edit view, the value is not getting saved if more than two decimals are entered.
As expected, a validation is done and the following error is presented
ERROR: Incorrect number format. Too many digits to the right of the decimal point.

8. Open the New UI and add the attribute to the Projects Grid View from the Column Panel.
(Or alternatively,  Edit a Blueprint and add the Attribute on a Section of the Blueprint.)

9. Edit the value of the new attribute for a project on the New UX, entering a value with more than 2 decimals.

Expected Results: A validation should be done, like in Classic UI, and the value not saved (or at least saved rounded to just two decimals).

Actual Results: The validation is not done, and the value is saved in the database exactly as being entered (with more than two decimals).
The value is being displayed as configured on the view options (NUMBER DECIMAL DISPLAY: 0.00) with just two decimals, but the saved value on the database contains more than two decimals.


Clarity PPM 15.x


This is being tracked as Defect DE54939


This Defect is fixed as from version 15.9.2