CA View - Client wants to index a 74 million line report
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CA View - Client wants to index a 74 million line report


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The client would like to have a 74-million line report indexed, in CA View, where each line can be indexed.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client defined a logical view containing page indexing criteria.

The client then ran SARBCH /INDEX against the report, and the job abended with a S878 condition, due to running out of REGION.

In this instance, the client had a 1 million page report, where 60 lines of each report was to be indexed.

The formula for the needed amount of REGION was defined as:

. (Length of field indexed on + 24) x (# of lines/page to be indexed) x (# of pages to be indexed)

. . (10 + 24) x (60 lns/pg) x (1,000,000 pgs) = 2040M REGION (> 2G)       <=== This is what caused the S878 abend, as less was allocated. 

Indexing with a report segment, with fewer lines, was possible:

. . (10 + 24) x (60 lns/pg) x (50,000 pgs) = 102M REGION     <=== This amount of REGION was available for use. 

Once a View logical view and index criteria are defined, reports with the name of the logical view will be indexed as they are collected by View.


In this instance, for resolution, the client is having the report created in smaller segments (50-60,000 pages), so that the indexing can be done.  

Here it is a SARBCH /INDEX job that received the S878 condition.
If the logical view is implemented, the next application job that creates a report that will use that indexing, will abend with a S878 condition, if not enough REGION is allocated.

The client deleted the report, recreated the report (in segments), had View collect the report, and the indexing was done without abends.