SourceIDs used on IDMS PTFs
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SourceIDs used on IDMS PTFs


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Each published PTF has multiple sourceIDs associated with it. It's not always clear what these represent, especially those that start with CAP and PRP.



Release: All supported releases.


Each published IDMS PTF has a SourceID of CAR*, which indicates the CA RS release in which the PTF is included. In addition, each published PTF will contain a sourceID in the format CAPyymm, where yy is the year it was initially delivered and mm is the month. The third character of P signifies published. So this source ID represents the month and year that the PTF was originally published.

In terms of source IDs PE & PRP, a PRP is developed whenever support realizes that a PTF which has been published contains an error. At that point the PTF in error is referred to as a PE (Program Error), and the PTF which is written to correct it will be a PRP (PTF Resolving a PE). PE PTFs are not withdrawn from the support portal when the Error Holddata process is used. Instead, the PRP fix supersedes the HOLD reason generated in the holddata. The PRP fix does not have to supersede the PE PTF, since the PRP fix may contain a smaller number of elements than the PE PTF. In cases where the PE PTF is HIPER, the PRP is not necessarily HIPER. The HIPER determination of the PRP is independent of the classification of the PE.