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How to Dump Siteminder Policy Server Statistics the SMPS.logs on Windows


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For troubleshooting purposes, it is sometimes helpful to dump the Siteminder Policy Server statistics to the smps.log file on a recurring basis, such as every 5 minutes.  This allows you to see patterns in the Normal Priority Queue, High Priority Queue, Threads and Connections over time.

This article details how to configure statistics to be dumped to the SMPS.log file in a Siteminder Policy Server on Windows.


Release : ANY

Component : Siteminder Policy Server


Create a script to dump the Policy Server Statistics to the SMPS.log

1) Open Notepad.exe

2) Populate with the following syntax:

@Echo Off
smpolicysrv -stats

3) Save the file as "smpolicysrv-stats.cmd"

Configure the Windows Task Scheduler to run the "smpolicysrv-stats.cmd" script

1) Logon to the Windows Policy Server

2) Sve the file "smpolicysrv-stats.cmd" to the following path:

C:\Program Files\CA\siteminder\monitor\smpolicysrv-stats.cmd

3) Go to Start -> Windows Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler

4) Select "Create Task"

5) Name the Task (e.g. "smpolicysrv-stats")

6) Set to run as the 'Local Administrator'

7) Select the "Run whether user is logged on or not" radio button

8) Set the "Run with highest privileges" flag

9) Select the Triggers tab

10) 'Click' the "New..." button

11)  Set the 'Begin the task:' to "At Startup"

12) Set the 'Repeat Task Every:' to "5 minutes"

13) Set the 'for a duration of:' to "Indefinitely"

14) Set the "Enabled" flag

15) Click "OK"

16) Go to the ACTIONS tab

17) 'click' the "NEW..." button

18) Set the Action to "Start a Program"

19) Set the Program/Script:" to [C:\Program Files\CA\siteminder\monitor\smpolicysrv-stats.cmd]

20) 'Click' OK

21) Go to the "Settings" tab

22) Remove the flag for "Stop the task if it runs longer than:"

23) 'Click' OK