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Versa VNA plugin not creating proper associations between tunnels and parent devices


Article ID: 190405


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CA Spectrum CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


Versa VNA integration was enabled in Spectrum but the proper associations for the tunnels were not created

There were some issues with the Integration of the Versa VNA plugin and Spectrum related to the Reconciliation of Tunnels and the Parent device(s)  to which they should be associated.  The tunnels were not found under the parent device.


Release : 10.4.1

Component : Spectrum Integrations


Versa config is missing both mac and ip addresses for interfaces.  


This issue needs to be addressed from the Versa vendor, as there are no mac or ip addresses published for the interfaces. These are the key elements to reconcile SNMP data with VNA data.

Since this info is missing, reconciliation is not happening for the high level interfaces. This in turn causes SDN_Tunnel models to not be associated with physical interfaces.

Please open a case with the Versa vendor.