Pdm_ldap_import Returns No Records found to process
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Pdm_ldap_import Returns No Records found to process


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If the value of the NX_LDAP_FILTER_PREFIX setting in the NX.env file includes an accented character (such as î, á etc), then whenever pdm_ldap_import runs, it returns "No Records found to process" even though there are records to be processed.



Component: CA Service Desk 


If you have verified that the NX_LDAP_FILTER_PREFIX settings are correct, check the value for an accented character.

For example, the following does not work: @NX_LDAP_FILTER_PREFIX=(&(objectClass=person)(|(memberOf=CN=MYGROUP,OU=EEáM, DC=Unicenter,DC=ServicePlus,DC=ServiceDesk))

If you change OU=EEáM to OU=EEaM and make the identical change to your Active Directory, then the record matching works.

An alternative solution is to convert the NX.env file to UTF-8.