UnknownASN models being discovered and modeled in Spectrum
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UnknownASN models being discovered and modeled in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We are seeing hundreds of UnknownASN Provider_Cloud models being discovered:


How are these being discovered? 


Release : Any
Component : Enterprise VPN Manager


These are created from the Enterprise VPN Manager. The Enterprise VPN Manager tries to match a discovered a known Autonomous System Number (ASN) to the ASN provider name. If it can, it will create the Provider_Cloud model with the provider name. If it cannot, it will create the Provider_Cloud model as an UnknownASN_<ASN> where <ASN> is the Autonomous System Number.


You can manually map the UnknownASN to an ASN name by doing the following:

- Run a search for the ASN (I ran a Google search for "autonomous system numbers lookup" and found several. One in particular is https://hackertarget.com/as-ip-lookup/)

- Log into OneClick as an ADMIN user

- Find and select the "Enterprise VPN Manager" folder in the Explorer tab of the Navigation panel

- Right mouse click on the "Enterprise VPN Manager" folder and select "Component Detail" from the menu

- Expand the Configuration subview in the Information tab

- In the ASN Mapping field, click on the Add link

- In the Add window, enter the mapping then click the OK button

For example, if you have "UnknownASN_700" and need to map it to "JoeASN_700", enter the following in the Add window:


This will map "UnknownASN_700" to "JoeASN_700"