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How to display CPU Values under the Performance tab of Spectrum for models that support the Cisco Proc Mib


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


If you are not able to see any CPU values under the Performance tab and the error shows "Invalid values" and the device supports the Cisco Proc MIB, then perform the steps outlined below to rectify this.


Spectrum 9.x, 10.x


Before any changes are made it is always advisable to backup the SSdb with an Online Backup.

  1. Open the Model Type Editor:

  2. Under the Navigation Panel, in the Model Types ,Search for the model type Cisco_Proc_app.
  3. In the Attributes panel, search for the attribute "default_attr_list"
  4. Double Click the attribute, Click on Edit.
  5. Click the  button.
  6. A new row gets added. Under the 'value' column add the attribute id "21126b"
  7. Click, Apply and Ok Button and then Ok Button again
  8. Click on "Commit to Database" under the File in the Menu Bar

  9. Close the Model Type Editor
  10. Restart the SS
  11. Then after the polling cycle the graph get plotted.