Is hlq.INSTDB needed as runtime dataset?
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Is hlq.INSTDB needed as runtime dataset?


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Netspy was installed by a contractor, and it appears that a single 'GLOBAL' member of the NMC0.INSTDB dataset was copied to a run time copy of the INSTDB dataset.
It appears that this dataset is used during Netspy installation as a kind of place holder to keep track of the installation process.
I do not see this dataset allocated during start up.  Is there any reason that members of this dataset should be copied to a runtime dataset? 
Is maintenance ever applied to this dataset?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA NetSpy Network Performance


The Netspy hlq.INSTDB is half of a matched pair.

Hlq.CAIJCL is a REXX library that was originally the first file to be downloaded from the tape.
The main proc member that is called to bring up that utility is named INSTALL.
It can be used to install the product, build the Netspy region, and apply maintenance.

When executing that member for the first time, REXX automatically generates an INSTDB dataset with the same hlq.
This dataset holds the tracking information of what has been done.

When the product is installed via CSM, the CSI can be noted in one of the panels, and thus the INSTALL exec knows the product is installed and can pull information needed to help in generating JCL for the region build or SMP/E batchjobs for maintenance.

Since CSM is being used to apply maintenance, neither the CAIJCL nor INSTDB are required for that process, and are also not affected by it.

The Installation Guide could also help with explanation.