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How to see polled data values in Performance Management Events


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Can Events include polled data values that were involved in raising the Event after a Threshold Violation is triggered?

Can Event Notifications show polled data values?

Not seeing value of variable that it is alerting on 


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


At this time there is no ability to add polled data values to the information in an Event.

At this time there is no ability to add polled data values for an Event to a Notification triggered by that Event.

There is an Idea posted requesting this already.The more Votes an Idea gets the more attention it gets and more likely it is to be accepted.

We normally recommend use of the Event Rules Rule Name and/or Description, which are passed via Notifications, to help clarify what data has triggered the Event.

To see the specific data related to the time frame, a report for the item and metric involved would be needed.