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Control Compliance Suite 12.x error when running an 'Import assets and agents' job - 'Warning: Unable to retrieve message based content information for Agent [Agent Name].'


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In CCS 11.5.x/12.x, when running the 'Fetch Registered Agents' built-in job (or any custom 'Import assets and agents') job, the agents that have been registered to the CCS Managers import correctly but you get the following error in the CCS console associated with the job:'

Message: Error while processing agent asset xml
Details:  Warning: Unable to retrieve message based content information for Agent <Agent Name>.



Release : 12.X

Component :CCS Console


This warning will appear if the Message Based Content (MBC) was not installed on the agent.  MBC is the legacy collection method used by Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) that is no longer supported.  Raw Based Collection (RBC) replaced MBC and is mainly used in 11.5.x and 12.x.  


This warning can typically be ignored as MBC is not used anymore for data collection, RBC is the supported data collection method for CCS 12.x.