what accounts are used to login to the DB for autosys and wcc
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what accounts are used to login to the DB for autosys and wcc


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What accounts are used to login to the DB for AutoSys 11.x and WCC 11.4.x?


Release : 11.0

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


For Autosys 11.0 there were two db users: mdbadmin and autosys.
For Autosys 11.3.x the two db users are: aedbadmin and autosys.

The schema owners are mdbadmin and aedbadmin (depending on your verison).

They are used during install, upgrade, patching.

The autosys db user is used during normal product usage, meaning once you start it.

For WCC 11.4.x you tell it a database user during your install, that user must already exist.  That will be the schema owner and daily operations user.

WCC contacts the autosys application server to get its data from Autosys.
WCC does not login to the autosys database directly.

If you need to update the autosys database password you would change it via autosys_secure.

That way it updates the database and the local $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOUSER file's DBAccess entry.

Note - you will need to go to the other scheduler/application server hosts, if you have more than one, and run autosys_secure and select option
[6] Get encrypted password.
[1] Encrypt password for instance configuration (using AES).
and enter the new database password.
Then take the resulting encrypted password and update the local $AUTOUSER/config.$AUTOSERV file using that value if you are changing the autosys database password.

Then restart autosys.

If you are using autosys as your WCC database user as well then you would need to update wcc's connection details via wcc_config after you update the password already via autosys_secure.
Or if it is a different database user, change it via normal database methods via sqlplus and then update WCC's entry via wcc_config 
For the usage and examples of wcc_config see: