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Unable to delete Purchase Orders created by other users - the right-click "delete" option is missing


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Asset Management Solution IT Management Suite


The customer has an issue where they cannot delete Purchase Orders created by others. They can delete Purchase Orders created by themselves. The right-click option is missing "delete".


ITMS 8.5

Asset Solution 8.5


This is an issue with permissions that were needed to allow their Asset user(s) to delete Purchase Orders created by others. 


For this example, the custom role that we will be using is called "Asset Mgr 2".

  1. Open the SMP Console (make sure you are part of the "Symantec Administrators" role so you can make the proper changes)
  2. Go to Settings menu>Security>Security Role Manager
  3. On the Security Role Manager window, select under "Role:" the desired Security Role. In this case, we will use Asset Mgr 2.
  4. Under "View:", select "Resources"

  5. In the left tree top icons, make sure you click on the "glasses" icon (so you can see the "hidden" items option that this Role doesn't have access yet)

  6. On the left tree, go to Resource Management>Organizational Views>Default>All Resources>Receiving Items>Purchase Order Base>Purchase Order

  7. With Purchase Order selected, click in "Advanced" at the bottom-right corner.
  8. A new window will open showing the Account/Role for "Purchase Order".
  9. Click in the blue plus icon.

  10. Under the "Add Trustees" window that opened, select your desired role and click "OK" (in this example "Asset Mgr 2")

  11. It added that selected role with a tag of [Not Inherited]. Select it and under "Permissions For:" frame, select "Delete". Save changes and close the window.

  12. Save Changes on "Resource Role Manager" as well.
  13. Open the SMP Console using the account user that didn't have the delete right-click option before and now you should see the "Delete" option.