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How to confirm API Licence key and License File


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We want to know licence key used in CA APIGW version 9.x
Please let us know where we can find licence detail.
We have checked policy manager -> Help -> Manage Gateway Licence. 
But in "Manage Gateway License"  have multiple license details mentioned in it thus we are not sure if it's used and which licence entry used for which purpose.
Please let us know correct path or way to find correct licence. 


Release : 9.2

Component : API GATEWAY


The API Gateway license info can be checked from Policy Manager and also from ssg database.

1. from the Policy Manager console -> Help -> Manage Gateway Licence, then use : View Details, it will Show the License ID, example
License ID=6531234896123401234 , use this ID number to identify which XML File you used to install that license.

2. the License file should be located in your Gateway Server (it can be any folder) so do you need to search for that Id on the file names.

If found the .xml license file , when you open it check the license Id=
example :



that Id = 6531234896123401234 , should be contained on the license file Name
example of a common License file Name : "CA Technologies_6531234896123401234_SSG_Gateway_9.xml"

2. The license information is saved on ssg database (mysql) into license_document table. You can check it by using a query
example :

mysql> use ssg;
mysql> select * from license_document;