When using Web Services calls like CreateChangeOrder and CreateRequest, the group and assignee values are overwritten by the "Area_Defaults" or "Category_Defaults" settings.


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Install the "Area_Defaults" and "Category_Defaults" options in the options manager and specify a default group and a default assignee in the category and in request area detail.On creating a new incident or change order in the Web Interface, after selecting a category or request area, the group and assignee are set automatically to the defaults.Once filled in, it is possible to change the group and assignee and save the incident or change order with the new settings.

When creating an incident or change order using the web service methods "CreateRequest" or "CreateChangeOrder" and providing a request area or category and a different group and assignee than set as the defaults, the new group and assignee are overwritten by the default settings as for the previous mentioned options.It's not possible to create an incident with a different group and assignee. To change the group and assignee, the incident would need to be updated.

The new specified group and assignee should be respected in the same way as it is when performing the equivalent action in the Web Interface. So, how can I get the same behavior through web services as in the web Interface?


You need to add the attribute/value pairs in the correct order to the ArrayOfString because the attributes are processed in the order they are provided in the web services call.

For example, if you have specified the request area or category after the group and assignee in the ArrayOfString, then the group and assignee are processed first and are replaced by the request area or category default group and assignee on processing the request area or category.


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.9-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration