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UIM - office365 probe errors: Inventory update failed. Connection timeout. Connection reset. Read timed out.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This article describes how to resolve an issue with the office365 probe causing internal alarms or errors within probe log file. 

The probe may display some of the following symptoms:

1. Probe log file errors: 

[Data Collector - O365_NAME, office365] PERF: DONE:  office365 inventory update for O365_NAME  {Seconds=20.340}
[Data Collector - O365_NAME, office365] Inventory update failed. Sending resource alarm
[Data Collector - O365_NAME, office365] (1) error, Inventory update failed for O365_NAME: Read timed out

2. Internal probe alarms raised:

O365_NAME is not responding (reason: Connection and/or inventory update failure) {Read timed out}


Component : UIM - UIM365  
Probe Release: office365 probe version 1.03


1. Contact Support requesting office365 probe version 1.04T4 (DE455264). 

2. Create a backup of the current office365 probe folder. 

3. Drag and drop office365 probe version 1.04T4 into the Primary hub local archive. 

4. Deploy the v1.04T4 on top of the existing instance and the probe will now update. 

5. Open the office365 probe via Raw Configure -> setup -> Set the following key / values: 

- "connection_timeout = 30000"
- "connection_retry_attempts = 5"

6. Apply the changes and confirm the issue is now resolved.