API Gateway: Problems migrating the RESTman service using GMU
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API Gateway: Problems migrating the RESTman service using GMU


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This article will discuss the topic being unable to migrate the RESTman internal service puiblished on the API Gateways using GMU. In some cases, a user may need to edit the internal services such as RESTman. While Broadcom does not encourage modifying the RESTman service policy logic, it is recognized that there is sometimes a need in order to lock down the service at the Gateway level. Ideally though that would be managed at a level before the Gateway, such as a firewall or load balancer. If changes to the RESTman service policy logic is made on one cluster and needs to be deployed to many other clusters, it will present problems when using the GMU (Gateway Migration Utility) to do this migration.


This article applies to all supported Gateway versions.


The GMU uses the RESTman service to complete the migration, so in a case where a user is migrating the RESTman service itself, it cannot complete the migration as it'd be overwriting its own policy code. Essentially, the service is already in-use at the time it receives the request to overwrite itself, so it cannot complete that task as it would be mean prematurely ending the migration itself which can end in data corruption.


There is no automatic way to deploy this, it will need to be manually copied to each cluster using the Export and Import options in Policy Manager. Export from the source and then Import on the target using Policy Manager.

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