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Error on running a CABI (BOXI) report: "A database error occurred. AHD03053: Bad where clause: invalid constraint. Unable to resolve log_agent.combo_name.. (WIS 10901)"


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When a customized BOXI report is launched, the following error message is returned: A database error occured. The database error text is: [DataDirect][ODBC
OpenAccess SDK driver][OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine]AHD12002:Error in QueryHandler ServiceDesk-840759197-1 in method fetch_response: AHD03053:Bad where clause: invalid constraint. Unable to resolve log_agent.combo_name.. (WIS 10901)


The problem is due to having the 'Derived' attribute (combo_name) involved in the query, there is a limitation on this type of attribute:

"CA SDM DERIVED attributes (such as combo_name) can be used in the selection list only. They are not supported in any other part of the query, including in the WHERE clause."

To overcome the limitation of including Combo Name in the WHERE clause, many 'Combo Name With Userid' objects have been provided in the universe.

These objects allow Combo Name to be used as filter prompts in ad hoc queries with Web Intelligence.

The above note, together with other details, can be found in:

"CA Service Desk Administration Guide", "17: Managing Reports", "Write CA Business Intelligence Reports", "Write SQL for BusinessObjects Reports"


Release: UAPMAC990JPP-12.9-Asset Portfolio Management-Asset Configuration