Not able to deploy the package
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Not able to deploy the package


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I installed the robot manually today on server xxxxxxxl149. After that I tried to install the !Oracle_Superpack which includes the oracle, nexec, processes probe, and probe (PU) utility. The error is "No license found for Oracle". See the attachment.


Release : 20.1

Component : UIM - DISTSRV


- wrong distsrv version on the hub or in need of updated oracle license


The superpackage itself worked fine, with no errors/issues when deploying to a RedHat Linux machine. The oracle, nexec, and processes probe packages were deployed. No errors whatsoever. Make sure you have a distsrv probe on the hub/on the hub the robot is a child of and that those probes exist in the remote hub's archive.

Also please make sure that the hub's distsrv probe version is at version 9.20 or higher. You should not see ANY probe licenses displayed, red or otherwise on that hub. When you select the Licenses icon it should only show a Perpetual license.

Distribution Server (distsrv probe)

Any probe requiring a license will be checked against a valid license. If the hub under which that probe exists does not have a distsrv, the license check will crawl to other hub(s) until it finds a hub with a distsrv probe. If the local hub to which the robot with licensed probe is attached has the distsrv, then the license query will be checked and satisfied locally - irrespective of its failure or success.

If the local distsrv does not have a valid license, then the license query will not go any further and the probe will be stopped by the controller.

For this scenario the customer initially updated the oracle license because they had a recent key, but then they updated the distsrv and the licenses were no longer visible as the "Perpetual' license replaced them when the distsrv was upgraded.

If the distsrv probe resides on each hub, then you will need to add a Forwarding record on the main hub for Licenses so that licenses will be synced to all hubs and all license queries will be satisfied locally on each remote hub. Robot licenses are different - they are applied manually and reside on the hub.