Report Content Text Search feature missing in Web viewer 14.0
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Report Content Text Search feature missing in Web viewer 14.0


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Output Management Web Viewer


We have the PTF SO11763 applied to be able to do the Report Content Text Search(find).
SO11763 Release: 14.0 Solution #: 30 Title: MTC-CV - REPORT CONTENT TEXT SEARCH FEATURE 
And I’ve looked at the application Roadmap of the new find feature.
But we just don’t have that on our screen….unless we don’t know how to Open it?

MTC Content Viewer Version 14.0.2
Build 14.0.15 #782ac3ac 2020-01-07 18:52:54


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer / Content Viewer


The version build information - build 14.0.15 - indicates that you are running an older version of the WAR file that does not contain that feature yet. If you did apply the PTF you probably did not re-deploy the new WAR file.

14.0.15 corresponds to PTF SO11441

The builds that contain the find text feature have build number 14.0.16 or higher - starting with PTF SO11763

Please check to make sure that the new WAR file is redeployed ...and then let us know if that resolves the problem with both Feature Administration and the Report Context Text Search Feature.

Additional Information

One note regarding the feature flags:
Some features, including WV12 parity ones, are not hidden behind a feature flag and are enabled as soon as they are deployed. Additionally, there is no way to disable them through Feature CLI.
Only the features that have a feature flag explicitly listed in release notes have one. Currently there is only one: logical-view-filters." That would explain why you were not seeing the Report Context Text Search feature in the list.