CALCSIZE utility gets a S0C1 abend and returns ERROR IN IXLCSP MACRO NEED R0 R15 message.


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CALCSIZE is an utility program that helps in calculating the Coupling Facility (CF) resource requirements for a MUFPlex structure, using DBMXMPR and DBMXEPR macros.

Then CA Datacom "Database and System Administration Guide" manual contains detailed info about macros parameters and about assembling, linking and executing the utility.

The utility sometimes could fail because of a S0C1 in module CALCSIZE . In the job SYSPRINT, the following message can be also found:


CALCSIZE prints the message in SYSPRINT when the IBM IXLCSP macro returns a non zero return code in register 15 (R15); Register 0 (zero - R0) must be checked too to find the reason code of the error.

The registers values can be found on the SYMPTOM DUMP for the S0C1 abend.
For example:

SYSTEM COMPLETION CODE=0C1  REASON CODE=00000001                 
 TIME=17.35.43  SEQ=00545  CPU=0000  ASID=001A                   
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  078D0000   8DF000D2  ILC 2  INTC 01       
   ACTIVE LOAD MODULE           ADDRESS=0DF00000  OFFSET=000000D2
   DATA AT PSW  0DF000CC - 5800B3D8  0000D203  B3E8B738          
   GR 0: 00000000_02120C98   1: 00000000_0DF003A0                
      2: 00000000_00000040   3: 00000000_008DA9D4                
      4: 00000000_008DA9B0   5: 00000000_008FF130                
      6: 00000000_008C7FC8   7: 00000000_FD000000                
      8: 00000000_008D6A18   9: 00000000_008D88F0                
      A: 00000000_00000000   B: 00000000_8DF00000                
      C: 00000000_83C13022   D: 00000000_0DF005CC                
      E: 00000000_8DF000C8   F: 7FFABA00_0000000C                

In this case the return code (R15) is x'0000000C' and the reason code (R0) is x'02120C98'.

The complete description of the return and reason codes can be found in chapter "IXLCSP -- XES Structure Computation Service" in the IBM manual "MVS Programming: Sysplex Services Reference".

The most common reason is a misspelled or a non defined Coupling Facility structure name in parameter CFNAME in the DBMXEPR macro; in this case, R15 (return code) is set to x'C' and R0 (reason code) contains x'xxxx0C98', as in the above example.

However, the same R15/R0 pair can be returned if the Coupling Facility hardware is not installed or if another CF problem occurred.

See the IBM documentation for additional details.


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD