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ETC not populating in Total column of Workload portlet under Resource Planning


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The Resource Workload portlet in the Resource Planning area does display data in Time Scale value section for ETC but the Total column is blank even if there are values for the Time Scale value ETCs.


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The Resource Workloads portlet is intended to show values per period. So columns such as the ETC, Allocation and Actuals (and a few others) are only intended to show values when added to a time scaled field on this specific portlet. 

However, as you've noticed, these fields will still be available to add as a column on the Resource Workloads portlet itself. 
They need to be in the list of available columns in order for them to be available to add as a value on a time scaled field. 

We currently don't have a way to have an attribute available to add to a time scaled field (List Column Section - Fields - Time Scaled Value field -Properties), and have the same attribute not listed under the general list of attributes (under List Column Section - Layout). 

If a user would like to see aggregate numbers, they can create an aggregate row on the portlet (under List Column Section - Aggregation). This aggregation would be on the bottom row of the portlet and it would show aggregate amounts, but these amounts would still show per period.