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Firefox 12 and CA Business Intelligence (CABI) 3.1 SP4 Java Plugin Error


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After upgrading from RA 9.0.161 to NFA 9.1.2 or 9.1.3 custom reports fail to run with an error like below:

     insert into report_definitions (name, description, reportType, duration,
     resolution, subnetResolution, timeStamp, endTime, startTime, timeFilter,
     selectedMeasurements, selectedTotalMeasurements, status, error,
     thresholdType, thresholdDirection, thresholdSetting, threshold,
     schedule_type, schedule_days, schedule_time, schedule_timezone,
     schedule_next, schedule_last, schedule_period_type, email_address, folderID,
     reportTypeMask, xmlDefinition, updatedOn) values ('lab 852 &
     854','','Interface','1d',900,32, unix_timestamp(), 0, 0, 0,'','', 'Defined',
     '','None', 'Either', 'Above','0', 0, 0, '0:00','GMT',0, 0, 'AsDefined', '',
     1,15, '', unix_timestamp())

     NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.LegacyInterop error '80131500'
     NetQoS.Business.i18nEntityInitializationException: An entity could not be
     initialized because exactly one row was not returned from the underlying
     query. at
     databaseEntity, DataTable table) at
     NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.Business.User.GetByName(String name) at
     NetQoS.ReporterAnalyzer.Business.ReportScheduleItem.Set(DataRow dr) at
     reportSchedule, DataRow dr) at
     reportId) at
     rtTime(UInt32 reportId)
     /common/filterClasses.asp, line 1305

This happens because the "admin" user is not created during an upgrade.


To correct this, run the query below on the NFA Console server:

  1. Login to MySql with:

    mysql -P3308 reporter

  2. First check to see if the "admin" user exists in the database:

    select * from user_definitions where name='admin';

  3. If the query returns a row for that user then run the query below:

    INSERT INTO user_definitions (UserLevel, Name, Description, Password, Algorithm, AuthType, Enabled, Removable, ExportURLs, FirstRun, RoleID, PermissionID, EmailAddress, Timezone, UpdatedOn) VALUES (1, 'admin','ReporterAnalyzer Administrator', '21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3', 0, 1, 'Y', 'N', 'N', 'Y', 1, 1, '', 'GMT', 0);

  4. Then try to run the report again and it should succeed.


Component: SDBOXI