CA View - Can a Report be Renamed?
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CA View - Can a Report be Renamed?


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Can a report, in a CA View database, be renamed?
If it cannot be renamed, can the report retention be extended?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Once a report has been collected by, or placed into, a CA View database, the report has its assigned ID (name), and it cannot be changed in any way.

In a View Sysout Selection List, there is no use of line command "R", and it is considered invalid.

If ERO is used, there can be a change made to (or addition made to) an ERO table entry, to extend the retention of a report.

After making the change to the ERO table, then you would either have SARINIT setting EROPRO=YES, or change it to EROPRO=ALL, so that all reports in the database are evaluated for retention, during the next View backup.

If EROPRO=ALL is used, after the View backup, it will be set to the default of EROPRO=NEW.

The way to prove if the proper retention was given a report, following a View backup, would be to:

. Identify the report in the View Sysout Selection List.
. Use [F11] to scroll to the right, until you come to the "Remaining" columns, which show you the remaining retention time.