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Top Secret CPFRECFL can show false number at the beginning of IPL process


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Top Secret


It has been observed that on occasions during IPLs (different systems, different IPL times) when the CPFRECFL shows a 98% full  and was at 0% before the IPL.   



Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


Control Options CPF(INIT)

Loads the CPF modules into memory and initiates the CPF subtask. The NDT CPFNODE definitions override the CPFNODES control option definitions.

If CPF is not active, STATUS(CPF) displays CPF(INACTIVE), indicating that the CPF modules have not been
loaded. If CPF(ON) is specified, but CAICCI (the Common Communications Interface component of CA Common Services) is not available or not fully initialized, CPF status is displayed as CPF(INIT). While CPF is in this status, commands are not propagated through CPF and are not logged to the CPF recovery file. When CCI completes its initialization, CPF status displays as CPF(ON), and command propagation logging takes place.