Rally Sync: PRJ-07237: Invalid date sequence Warning
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Rally Sync: PRJ-07237: Invalid date sequence Warning


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When attempting to synchronize a project between Agile and Clarity, receiving the following Warning in Clarity:

There was a problem syncing tasks for the CA PPM project:<projectname>projmgr.TASK_DATES_INVALID_SEQUENCE
PRJ-07237: Invalid date sequence. Finish date cannot precede start date.


Release : All Supported Releases


This issue can happen if there are actuals on the related task in Clarity with no ETCs left which locks the Finish date in Clarity. This then prevents the date from being updated from Rally


For any tasks that are impacted by this issue, change any with non-zero assignment ETCs to have at least one ETC with 0.01 or any other ETC value.
Steps below:
  1. Create the below power filter to filter on impacted tasks

Power Filter Text:

task.prestsum == 0 &&  ( task.prstatus !=  lookup("prTaskStatus", "2") ) &&  task.has_subtasks == 0 &&  task.has_assignments == 1 &&  like( task.prexternalid, "F*" )

What this filter includes:
    1. ETC = 0
    2. Status is not Completed
    3. Has Subtasks = No
    4. Has Assignments = Yes
    5. Task ID begins with F (signifies a feature ID)

    2. Edit one assignment on each task returned by the filter by giving the selected assignment an ETC of 0.01 
    3. Save the change.
    4. This will ‘unlock’ the task’s Finish Date
    5. Run the Synchronize Agile Central job for the project.

Additional Information

See Examples for Populating Task Dates in Classic PPM in TechDocs for more information on task date syncing

Reference: Tips on searching for known Clarity Issues using Self Service