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How to suppress repeating Enterprise Manager log warning messages "Oracle tablespace low"


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE



This article discusses the new property in which was introduced in APM 9.5 for Oracle APM databases.


In APM 9.5 and later, a new property has been introduced which allows you to configure the amount of remaining free Oracle tablespace which will trigger a low tablespace warning.

A message will be written to EM log files once per hour to warn that the amount of free Oracle tablespace remaining has dropped below the value specified. By default, this threshold value is 2000 (specified in Mb). When left at the default value, a warning message will be written to the EM logs once per hour when the amount of remaining free tablespace drops below 2Gb.

This value is configurable within a valid range of 50Mb to 102400Mb of available free space. Decreasing this value will suppress low tablespace warnings in EM log files unless the new lower value specified is reached.

Note that this property applies only to APMDBs installed on Oracle. There is no equivalent property for Postgres.

To modify :

For each EM in a cluster, edit or (if used) in [EM_HOME]\config. Locate the property and change the default value of 2000Mb to any other value in the valid range.

The change must be made for each EM (MOM and Collector) in a cluster and must specify the same value.

This property is not hot configurable. A restart of each EM is required for the change to take effect.


Component: APMCEM