Secondary CAPM DR's disk full
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Secondary CAPM DR's disk full


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We recently discovered that our Data Repositories that are listed as secondaries are currently 100% full on the data directories

This is a 1.5TB drive, and is part of our fail over out primaries are the same size and are not full, so we're confused as to why the drives are all full, and need some help figuring out how to clean this up. 


Release : 3.6

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


Root cause of the issue was amount of restore points in the .ini file. Make sure the .ini for the copy cluster only has 'restorePointLimit = 1'. However since the disks are full we need drop the database on the secondaries and then recreate the database empty.

cd /opt/vertica/bin

Then select View database cluster state -> Make note of the database name -> then go to option 6 "Configuration Menu" -> then option 7 "Drop Database" ->select the database and enter the password. Once dropped select option 1 "Create Database" then enter the same name database name for it to create.

Note: you may need to manually remove the drdata directory under catalog and data after dropping the DB completes, before recreating the database.

The next copy cluster should work after this is done.