Reduce financial entities and Locations
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Reduce financial entities and Locations


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We have set up too many financial entities, currently they are 99, and some are tied to a Location. This is hard for us to support and sometimes causes performance spikes.

How can we reduce the amount of entities and remove some of the Locations? We are a global company and using different currencies we have to report on. 


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1. Once you set up an entity you cannot change the entity Location OBS but you can add locations to the same department if the entity is a department entity. For example this entity has one currency but multiple Locations:

2. You don't need one entity per currency or per location. You may need more than one entity, but usually rarely do you need 99. You will have a "home currency" say USD or GBP or EUR or whatever and then can use additional currencies. So the main question is how many currencies you are reporting on? You will need an entity for each currency you're reporting on. So say you do mainly USD/GBP/EUR - you can use them as Home / Reporting currency and then only report in those currencies. The rest will be converted.

3. To delete an entity you have to make sure there are no more investments or transactions associated with it. If you are using them - then to switch it's going to be a potentially significant effort  So if many entities are in use, we suggest to evaluate and see if not best to leave things how they are and just not add more entities if possible, or reduce overtime.

If you decide to reduce the entities amount, please check out the below:

Tip on how to use the currencies and what the impact could be:

If you have a Test environment you are about to refresh you could test deleting the existing entities and  creating just few entities for all locations and seeing how this would impact your implementation. (see Cost Plans, reports, Hierarchy tab on Projects with multicurrency etc). Again, to delete you must make sure all projects are not associated to this entity any more.