Search on CollectionsModelNameString not working as intended
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Search on CollectionsModelNameString not working as intended


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We are trying to create a Global Collection to locate and collect Monitored Ports associated with our Core devices. We are running the search on CollectionsModelNameString of the GC which contains the Core devices but we are not having luck on finding the ports.



Release : Any Spectrum version

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


CollectionsModelNameString can be used in a search but only if that specific model resides in the GC you are searching against. Ports of Devices do not inherit a roll-down of CollectionsModelNameString value. So while the parent CORE device may be in a specific GC, the ports associated are not considered part of that GC by default.


If you are having trouble with GC serch criteria, sometimes it helps to verify the attribute value on a device if you feel that should be coming up in search results. For example, in the scenario mentioned above, if a GC search is done on CollectionsModelNameString for ports of devices, the port model itself would have to be within the GC to inherit the CollectionsModelNameString value. Thus if you have a parent device (switch, router, etc) in a GC, take a look at the attributes of a port associated with the parent device. You will find the CollectionsModelNameString is empty, b/c its not actually part of the GC even if its parent device model is.

Sticking with the above scenario, in that case the customer was able to use the Notes field to search against. Using Attribute editor to edit Notes field on many interfaces in bulk, the customer is now able to create a GC search which collects the proper monitored ports.