Reload Spectrum VNM .vnmrc resource file using CLI action=0x10700
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Reload Spectrum VNM .vnmrc resource file using CLI action=0x10700


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Starting in Spectrum 10.3 a new feature added to reload the .vnmrc resource file without having to restart the SS


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The .vnmrc resource file located in $SPECROOT/SS directory is loaded when the SpectroSERVER is started up. If any parameters are changed in the .vnmrc, the SS requires a restart. 


Beginning in 10.3, a new Update Action code action=0x10700 has been added to CLI commands to allow reload of .vnmrc without requiring an SS restart. 

./update action=0x10700 mh=<vnm_handle>


> cd /vnmsh
> ./connect
> ./update action=0x10700 mh=0x100000

NOTE: Generally this feature is good to enable/disable debugs. However, do be aware that some parameters in .vnmrc still require a restart, as the SS needs to load into memory on startup, such as:
- setting Berkeley DB cache limit
- setting Trap port
- setting max_event_records

Additional Information

For more information on using Spectrum CLI please see the guides: