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Assigning access to Portal, Enterprise Dashboard and Virtual Catalog for default role set 'User Federation' of Identity Access Manager


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


1. We have set up an LDAP in Identity Access Manager (IAM). Relevant Groups were imported as part of LDAP setup.
2. Once done, we have created a role 'NT_Guest' in the 'Roles' section of IAM.
3. Relevant access was provided to this role in the Dev Portal. i.e. This role has the view permission.
4. This role was set as 'Default' role in 'User Federation' of LDAP settings.
5. Issue -  we are able to login to Dev Portal alone using our LAN ID. But it is not allowing us to login to 'Enterprise Dashboard' and 'Virtual Catalog'.
6. But when we added roles 'Enterprise Dashboard User' and 'Virtual Catalog User' to our LAN ID's in 'Users' Section of IAM, we were allowed to login to Enterprise dashboard and Virtual Catalog.

Need: The default role 'NT_GUEST' which is associated to LDAP groups is allowing only to access Dev Portal. We need
a method to provide access to this role, which allows to login to Enterprise Dashboard and Virtual Catalog.

Is it possible to select multiple roles, in the default dropdown of LDAP settings?

NT_Guest as these Permissions:


All supported DevTest releases.




To accomplish what you want, you must do this at the group level in IAM.