SYSVIEW: DFHAP1900 messages suppressed at PLT time?
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SYSVIEW: DFHAP1900 messages suppressed at PLT time?


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


While troubleshooting an issue with one of the startup PLT programs that issues SET FILE commands, there are no DFHAP1900 messages being written from the CPLT task. (CICS TS 5.4 and Sysview 15.0 under z/OS 2.3). 

According to IBM, CICS itself is not suppressing DFHAP1900 messages at PLT time.  Moreover, for other tasks started by PLT programs, there are  DFHAP1900 messages being written.  Checking the XMEOUT exits that are active in the region in question. 

Besides an inhouse exit program, having CA Broadcom exits IN71HOOK and GSVCEXIT activated for the XMEOUT exit point.

Does GSVCEXIT suppress DFHAP1900 messages at PLT time (either in general or specifically for the CPLT task)? 

To clarify, the SET FILE commands are being issued by the PLT program in question, based on the state of the relevant files immediately after startup.


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


SYSVIEW uses XMEOUT exit to look for certain DFHSM messages, but it always exits with return code UERCNORM (0000). 

So SYSVIEW would not be causing any message to be suppressed in XMEOUT. 

So the best solution is to check if any automation software have suppressed these messages.