AWI with Tomcat + Apache: Cookies disabled
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AWI with Tomcat + Apache: Cookies disabled


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


In a AWI hosted in a Tomcat  that is behind a Reverse Proxy ( Apache), upon the launch of the AWI URL , a Popup is displayed in the login page stating:

Cookies disabled
This application requires cookies to function


Release : 12.x
Component : Automic Web Interface (AWI)


Wrong configuration in the reverse proxy ( Apache) as it would not accept the cookies because of a wrong path.


In order to fix the issue, allow AWI cookies to be created in the Tomcat by configurating properly the Reverse Proxy.

For example, for this case, the issue was on the Apache as it used a wrong path for the Cookies.

The Apache communicates with the local Tomcat via AJP and acts as a Reverse Proxy (Apache module proxy_ajp).

This should be done by the Tomcat / Apache administrator: