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UIM - Login failed for user error for sqlserver probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Getting below error while testing conenction to different databases remotely from sqlserver probe
It failed for 2008, 2014 ,2016, 2017 version target mssql databases 


Release : 8.51 20.3

Component : UIM - SQLSERVER
sqlserver 5.42 HF3


Can refer below steps to check connectivity and access prerequisites for sqlserver probe 

1. Please make sure native client 11 is installed on robot where sqlserver probe is deployed.
Note: For SQL Server 2017, use Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 / compatible Native Client as documented in our documentation below:

2) Can use below reference methods to test connectivity outside of sqlserver probe

3.Please verify what type of Authentication you are using with those credentials to access the target databases
Is this Windows authentication or SQL server authentication and then use the appropriate authentication in probe connection

Windows authentication have specific access permissions 

KB:sqlserver error from domain_logon/LogonUser: 1385

KB:sqlserver probe unable to connect to database with error 1385

4. Ensure the access prerequisites are met depending on type of authentication used for profile connection