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Blazemeter JMeter log does not provide the SampleResults as expected


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We are attempting to leveraging existing framework the team has and we are trying to push it to Blazemeter and see if it runs to success without any issues , Below are few items we are not sure off, Can you please confirm /check these and let us know

Below are two tests, Test 1 was successfully processing the data we were running and Test 2 is not giving us the right output we were expecting. Not sure where to start here, should we check with out Infra team on permissions or is it something to do with the Blazemeter UI , can you please let us know what can be the issue here as it’s a simple execution of the jar


Test 1:


Output of Jmeter log:

2020-03-26 00:11:50,823 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: ------ Output from the jar ---------

2020-03-26 00:11:50,823 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: Token:

2020-03-26 00:11:50,823 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: Bearer AAIkYjNiZTE3ZjQtNDA0Mi00M2E3LWJiMTYtMWUwYjNkMzY4MDM21dar7-kYxhA7RkNYu32atIPrZp2khbb0hUiSrTAZXxUCVp4A4nVKPqL5cCiDQZKkHQHlc9aknclnoBikRoXq4p-LaJKuvxR7wUhUI4f9sShE_u-hhxMz9EuTVmYqa493EVdZI_d8Rbn_m2gi4rR7eA

2020-03-26 00:11:50,823 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: 400

2020-03-26 00:11:50,823 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

2020-03-26 00:11:50,823 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: <status><statusCode>userName_alreadyRegistered-7547_WW26568xxxx[email protected]</statusCode><detail>member already registered</detail></status>





Output of Jmeter Log:

2020-04-30 14:00:17,052 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: ------ Output from the jar ---------

2020-04-30 14:00:17,052 INFO o.a.j.e.JSR223PostProcessor: ------ Output from the jar Ends ---------




Release :



Comparing the two jmx scripts referenced in the example tests I see the second script(Test 2) has the path to the APIC.jar file hard-coded to the local path of the actual file, while Test 1 is calling the jar file from a defined variable.

Test 1: 

Test 2:

Also looking at the 'Original Test Configuration' I see the JMx file and the APIC.jar file have been uploaded to Blazemeter. Therefore, there is no need to define the local path, since BlazeMeter does not have direct access to your local flesystem. 


To correct this behavior, you only need to call the jar file name, as you did in Test 1, or you can simply use 'def loc="APCI.jar"' when defining it in the JMeter script.