CA Spool - A2PC Error Received as Ended Prematurely
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CA Spool - A2PC Error Received as Ended Prematurely


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The client reported the following error:

 Unsupported character space T 0 blank.
 A2PC ended prematurely.


Release : 12.0

Component : CA Spool


The "A2PC ended prematurely" message says that there is a problem with the Transformers, in that they are failing.

Spool will not try to print a file that received a return code (RC) > 4, from the Transformation process.

If the Java Transformers are used, if the return code from the Transformation is > 4, automatically the transformation report log is saved in the /reports directory, that is specified in the Java task CAIQENVA file.
If the C Transformers are used, there needs to be the "R" or "r" option on, to get a report written to the //A2PCREPT DD statement.

In this case, it was found that the client was calling the SAS/C (C) Transformers.

In the messages was the following:

. AFPP-407-W: Barcode objects are not supported in line descriptor.

SAS/C Transformers does not support barcode objects, also known as BCOCA objects.


The CA Spool Java Transformers do support BCOCA objects.

To migrate to Java Transformers, go to the following link:

The Java Transformers FMIDs are CE0CC00 and CFD3C00.
Review the installation libraries for LLQ CE0CPLD.
The Java Transformers execute CE0CPLD(ESFD2ES).