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Is there a way to add a button on Project - Teams page?


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Is it possible to create a Link on the Project -> Teams page which would navigate users to an external page, such as a Sharepoint site?


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Component : CA PPM STUDIO


Creating a custom button is not available out of the box. The possible options available are:

1. Create a custom URL attribute on the Team object that links to the Sharepoint page

  1. Enter the custom URL as the default value for the attribute
  2. Check Populate Null Values with the Default
  3. Add the field to the team list view
  4. This would be a repeated value for each resource

2. Create a custom action that links to the URL
  • With this option, if the user clicks the Actions drop down from the Team page, they can click on the custom action that takes them to the External URL
  • Steps to do this:
  1. Go to Administration->Objects->Team->Actions.
  2. Click New and enter the action details
  3. Go to the Views tab and click the Actions Menu link next to any of the views you want it to display for (IE Project Team - Staff)
  4. Click on the General link
  5. Add the custom action you created to selected actions and save
  6. Now, when a user clicks the drop down from the Actions drop down on the team tab, the custom link will display.

3. If the above options don't meet the requirements you are looking for the other option would be to submit an enhancement / idea request  using steps at 18799

Additional Information

  • See KB: 141061 for tips on how to optimize use of Self Service for Clarity PPM