xFlow Resolve Button - Need to Click Twice
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xFlow Resolve Button - Need to Click Twice


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


xFlow RESOLVE button must be clicked twice to change the status if the MUST COMMENT option is selected for the Status Transition.


1.  From the Service Desk Manager (SDM) Administration tab, ensure that the MUST COMMENT option is selected for the OPEN->RESOLVED or OPEN->CLOSED status transition

2.  Access a SDM ticket from the xFlow UI that is currently in the OPEN status

3.  Click the RESOLVE button and enter text in the Log Comment text box.

4.  If you tab away,  you get a message stating "You're All Caught Up For Now" and the ticket status does not change to Resolved and the Log Comment does not appear in the timeline.

5.  If you click the RESOLVE button a second time, the ticket status changes and the timeline is updated with the comment entered previously.


Service Management 17.x
xFlow Component


The mentioned behavior regarding xFlow and the Resolve button is by design and not a defect.

Here is the thinking process behind this design.

We wanted to have a consistent behavior with respect to attribute filling associated with a status change across the ticket interface. For example, if we want to update the status of a SDM ticket using xFlow command bar with must comment enabled, tabbing or pressing ENTER will take the user back to the command bar again, asking for confirmation ("Please Enter to execute") to update the status. This is designed to avoid any situations like the one mentioned above (i.e. tabbing away from the MUST COMMENT section accidentally).

We wanted to retain this behavior for the Resolve Button too and if you notice that is exactly the flow happening here. Tabbing away or pressing ENTER will take the user back to the xFlow command bar asking the user for confirmation to execute the command. Just hitting ENTER instead of pressing the resolve button twice, will update the status of the SDM ticket.

Pressing the Resolve Button twice is not necessary and the user may choose to do so if desired.