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Remove Custom Tables/Columns/Triggers without using PDM_WSPUPD


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This document will guide you in how to remove customization such as tables, columns, or trigger without using the command PDM_WSPUPD. This is document is more for administrator to be hands on in removing items manually. Furthermore, this is also an alternative just in case there are issues with the tool PDM_WSPUPD or for troubleshooting purposes.

Disclaimer: Please note the supported method is with PDM_WSPUPD. If wish to go this route, it will be at your own risk!


Release:  14.1 and higher
Component: CA Service Desk Manager


  1. First and foremost, please backup the following items before proceeding
    1. CA MDB
    2. nx_root\site directory(the whole directory)
  2. Use a Text Editor tool that has the features of editing and search/find the field in many instances in a particular file, multiple files, or folders. ex: Notepad ++
  3. Stop CA Service Desk Manager services.
  4. The common files that you will have to edit to remove the custom tables, columns or trigger:

    (Please note some of these individual file may have more than one reference of the custom table name or custom column name. Please do thorough search within the file for particular custom table or custom column you wish to remove. Furthermore, If it table you are planning to remove, please remember to remove the related columns, parameters, open/close brackets and etc)
    1. site\ddict.sch -> This file contains table names and column names.
    2. site\tblobj.cfg -> This file contains table names and the table object name.
    3. site\mods\wsp_schema.sch -> This file contains table names and column names. Schema modifications maintained by Web Screen Painter
    4. site\mods\wsp_schema.log -> This file contains the log entry of when the custom table or custom column was added. Please remove those entries
    5. site\mods\wsp_index.sch -> This file contains indexes of the custom table. Schema modifications maintained by Web Screen Painter
    6. site\mods\majic\wsp.mods -> This file contains table names and column names. Schema modifications maintained by Web Screen Painter
  5. Outside the common files above, please search for any particular spell files, mod file, scripts, or forms which may reference to the custom table, custom column or trigger you wish to remove. With an editor tool please do thorough search within site\mods\majic folder and site\mods\www folder. Depending the editor tool, it should tell you what files, what lines, and how many reference of the field you searched for.
  6. Once all the reference of the field(s) you wish to remove from Step 4 and Step 5; using the appropriate utility for your DBMS, alter the DBMS definition of the tables/columns you changed. You should delete from the database any table/columns you deleted from above files. Take care to ensure that the changes you make to the DBMS correspond exactly to the changes you made in the common files- Step 4.
  7. Run pdm_publish as described in Publish Schema Modifications above.

NOTE:   pdm_publish step is NOT needed if there was no prior Schema publish run via WSP.  pdm_publish expects site\mods\wsp.altertbl  and wsp.altercol  files which are generated as part of Schema Publish in WSP. 

8. Start CA Service Desk Manager services.